14.12.2020 Relaunch of the homepage in a new design.
We have brought our homepage up to date for you, e.g. the forecast area is displayed more clearly and can now also be configured individually.

07.11.2019 For the first time, LZ-prognose is offering your customers an exclusive annual forecast for the next year.
Our customers can request approx. 17 pages of analyzes and quarterly forecasts at a special price. This analysis is of great help in annual planning.

30.08.2019 The forecast period is now extended to 2 months before publication for all materials.

In order to give a better indication in the medium-term time horizon, the forecast period for all materials was extended to 2 months before publication.

11.06.2019 Alloy surcharge forecasts for tool steel have been added.

Due to increased demand, we have now also included tool steel in our forecast service.

Forecasts of the alloy surcharges for tubes from Tubacex (Spain) are included in our service.
Following an indication from some customers, we have now also included the forecasts of the alloy surcharges for tubes from Tubacex (Spain) in our service. Tubacex manufactures hollow steel and seamless tubes, in special alloys such as high nickel alloys, too. We consider this a meaningful addition to our portfolio for you.

06.08.2018 Credit Card Payment possible with Mastercard, VISA and American Express.
As a further payment method, the payment by credit card has been added.

04.10.2017 Three-Month Analys is now directly downloadable in the customer area of our homepage
In addition we supply from now on our current 3MA directly in the customer area of our homepage for downloading.

07.08.2017 FAQ section was introduced
The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section was added to answer all important questions in a compact and clear way. You can find it here.

25.04.2017 Forecasts of Alloy Surcharges in the Application
To show how reliable our forecasts are, we calculated a simple case study starting in 2009.
This shows how our clients would save an average of 26 EUR/ton per month (flat products) respectively 31 EUR/ton per month (hot rolled bars) over this period, if they used our forecasts.
How this is done and what requirements have to be fulfilled is shown in our new article Case Study

05.03.2016 Calculation of the Alloy Surcharge
What is the Alloy Surcharge and how is it calculated? These questions are answered in our new article Calculation of the AS.