FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

About the Contract

How can I sign up for the service?

First, you can test us for 6 weeks free of charge and without obligation. More details can be found here. If you already know us and want to become a customer, you will find instructions here.

Can I try the service before I buy?

Yes, you should be convinced of our services. You can test us for 6 weeks free of charge and without obligation, the test ends automatically after 6 weeks. Find more info here. You will receive a personal offer from us before the automatic end of the trial period.

Will I get new login credentials after the trial phase?

No, they stay the same.

How long is the minimum term?

6 months.

Is the contract always renewed automatically?

We offer this service by default, since our subscribers normally use our service for longer periods. You can also opt to deactivate automatic renewal.

What do I need to do to deactivate automatic renewal?

Please tell us to deactivate it when you sign up. This way, you will be asked whether you would like to extend before the end of the contract term.

How long is the cancellation period?

You can cancel by e-mail or letter up to 1 month before the end of the term.

The responsible employee is leaving my company. Do I need to inform LZ-prognose.de?

First of all, you should change your password so that the employee can not access to LZ-prognose.de after leaving your company. Please inform us if our contact person changed.

What payment methods do I have?

For European subscribers a SEPA transfer is preferable.
If SEPA is not available, you can send us a SHARE transfer. Please inform us in advance, if you cannot perform SEPA transfers.
In addition, you can also use credit cards (Mastercard, VISA, American Express) or PayPal.

Who in my company may have the login credentials?

The credentials may only be shared with colleagues at your local branch. They may not be shared with other branches of your company, your own customers or other third parties.

I have other branch offices. Can they use my login credentials for alloy surcharge forecasts?

No. We have special deals for non-independent branch offices. They need to register and get their own credentials. Please contact us if you have questions.

I have an independent affiliate. Will they also get special conditions?

Unfortunately not; special conditions are only available for non-independent branch offices.

About our forecasts

Which data services do you offer?

The Standard service includes access to all available forecasts in all product groups and the monthly newsletter with a three-month forecast for commodities, including alloy surcharges.
The Compact service includes forecasts for all product types of the 5 major grades 1.4301, 1.4404, 1.4541, 1.4571 and 1.4828 except for tool steel. There Mini keeps the forecasts for the materials 1.2080, 1.2343, 1.2344, 1.2379 and 1.2714. The 3-month forecast contains the same text but only forecasts for the 5 major grades.

Can I also order a mini service with other grades?

No, the mini service offers only this selection. Please choose the standard package instead.

For which periods are alloy surcharge forecasts created?

For all material groups except tool steel: 2 months in advance (in the data section of our website).
For tool steel: 3 month in advance (in the data section of our website).
In our monthly newsletter: 3 months in advance for all product groups.
An annual analysis and forecast for the next year is available exclusively for existing customers in autumn at a special price.
Long term forecasts could be creating individually on demand. The cost depends on effort. Please contact us.

When are the first forecasts for the next month published?

Between the 21st of the pre-previous month and the 1st of the previous month, depending on the publication of the previous month’s alloy surcharge.
Example: The July alloy surcharge forecast is announced between May 21 and June 1, depending on when the alloy surcharge for June is published.

How accurate are our forecasts of alloy surcharges?

The accuracy of our forecasts 4 weeks before announcement of the alloy surcharges reached more than 97% on average. Find more info here.

Can I rely on these figures for purchasing?

A historic recalculation scenario shows that it was possible to save between EUR 25-80 per ton on average by applying our forecasts. Find more info here.

If the www.LZ-prognose.de website should be down, how can I get the forecasts?

We have a very reliable host for our website. Nevertheless, something can always fail. In this case, we have set up an independent, identical mirror page for you to give you access to our forecasts at any time. If you have access problems, please use the website www.LZprognose.de (without hyphen).

Can I also call up LZ forecasts with my smartphone?

Yes. Our site is optimized for smartphones, too.

About the login

I don't get an email verification link

If the message "An email verification has been sent to your email address." appears when you register, you will always receive an email from the system (sender info@lz-prognose.de) to the stored email address.

However, if you cannot find it in your own email folder, please also check your spam folder.

If the email cannot be found there, please contact your IT department. Usually there are also upstream spam filters that must be deactivated for the sender address (info@lz-prognose.de).

Important note: If you have triggered an email verification link several times, only the last verification link applies. If anything is unclear, trigger a verification link again by entering the access data and then using this.

The link in the email does not work

Did you really click the last email verification link? If you have requested the verification link several times, only the last link will work.

If anything is unclear, you can trigger a verification link again by entering the access data and then using precisely this link.

If this does not work either, in some cases it can make sense to manually mark the link completely with the cursor, then copy it and then paste it back into your browser. Background: It can be a hidden system spam protection in the email link.

How can I prevent email verification from being carried out every time I log in?

Basically, email verification is only carried out when you log in to a new device. This is saved in your browser via a cookie. This means that if you only ever use one device or browser, there will be no email verification.

If, however, an email verification takes place, this cookie is missing from your browser. In this case, check your browser settings so that no cookies, at least from LZ-prognose.de, are automatically deleted.