Accurate forecasts of the Alloy surcharge

  • Cost optimization: Use our forecasts to refine your purchasing strategy and save significant costs.
  • Accurate Budgeting: Improve your financial planning with predictive insights into future alloy surcharges.
  • Competitive advantage: Secure a decisive advantage through early market information and effective risk management.
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Your advantages of our extensive services

You will receive detailed and targeted alloy surcharge forecasts for almost all available rust, acid and heat-resistant stainless steels and tool steels in Europe and North America up to 3 months before publication.

Now also with energy surcharge forecasts!

Available Materials

Almost all materials for which there are published alloy surcharges from manufacturers in Europe and North America. 

For example Outokumpu, Mannesmann Stainless Tubes, Aperam, Acerinox, ATI
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Accuracy of our Forecasts

The accuracy of our forecasts is the benchmark we use for measuring our success.

We achieve an accuracy of up to 98% for our alloy surcharge forecasts 3 weeks prior to the publication
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Our prices and services

You can benefit from our professional forecasts from as little as € 10.50 per month.

Of course you can test us for 6 weeks without obligation and free of charge.
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Test us for 6 weeks without obligation and free of charge

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Our know-how becomes your competitive advantage

The alloy surcharge is known to be very volatile and you would like to know its future value?

Optimize your purchase & save between 30 - 50 € / t per month. (Example)
Save time and money for extensive research.
Build up sound specialist knowledge for future negotiations.
Use us to improve your budget planning.

Mathias Tolle
Your alloy expert since 2009 has established itself as the leading forecast service for alloy surcharges for stainless steel in Europe.

With meanwhile over 2000 alloy surcharge forecasts for almost all RSH stainless steels and also for tool steel. And we continue to adapt to the needs of our customers.

That’s what our customers say ...

"… We are impressed by the quality of the forecasts and in this way can not only indicate the direction of the trend to our customers, but can also direct our own procurement department accordingly and can optimize it. ... "

Ralf Kallas 

"… The long-term forecasts in particular give us a good indication of future trends. We find the compact representation restricted to significant aspects very good. The accuracy of the forecasts was always very good."

Anja Handschin

"The alloy surcharge forecast is an interesting control element for us in determining prices and also in monitoring stock levels. As a rule we can detect trends more easily and can better estimate the risks during procurement. …"

Stefan Müller-Bernhardt 
COO of Damstahl GmbH

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