Hollow bars, seamless tubes from SMT

Materials overview for standard (std.) and compact subscriptions

You can choose between the material groups standard (all available materials) and compact (only the 5 most common materials).



Std / comp



1.4301 DMV 304 Std/comp Common grades
1.4401 DMV 316 Std Common grades
1.4404 DMV 316 L Std/comp Common grades
1.4435 DMV 316LMos Std Common grades
1.4541 DMV 321 Std/comp Common grades
1.4571 DMV 316Ti Std/comp Common grades
1.4301 VALIMA DMV 304LMC Std
1.4404 VALIMA DMV 316LMC Std
1.4406 - Std
1.4435 DMV 316Mos Std
1.4550 DMV 347/347H Std
1.4878 DMV 321H Std
1.4919 DMV 316H Std
1.4948 DMV 304H Std
Should you require a forecast for materials that are not included in our standard group, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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