Alloy Surcharge - Annual Analysis and Forecast for 2023

Every autumn, prepares a detailed analysis and forecast of the raw materials, relevant for stainless steel, as well as the alloy surcharges and energy surcharges forecast for the next year. The currant Alloy Surcharge - Annual Analysis and Forecast for 2023 is now published.

This annual forecast contains, in the usual quality, a detailed and clear analysis of the past year, the status quo and, based on this, a quarterly forecast of the materials relevant for stainless steel.

You can expect:

Detailed analysis for the alloying constituents nickel, molybdenum, ferro-chrome, scrap, ferro-vanadium, exchange rate and for energy - each with an annual and quarterly forecast for 2023;

- In detail, but not excessively, we have summarized the information for you, so you can easily get a picture.
- Illustrative graphs;
- Historical overviews;
- Calculations of alloy surcharge basing on our forecasts for all common materials, as used in our well-known 3-month analysis, plus all common tool steel materials;
- Calculations in each case on annual and quarterly basis;

The annual analysis and forecast for 2023 contains about 18 pages of text and graphs and 8 pages of data;
It will be provided as a PDF link in English and German.

This detailed annual analysis and forecast for 2023 is available exclusively to our customers at a price of 100 euros.

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