Energy surcharge for stainless steel

Who uses it on which products?
At present, energy surcharges for stainless steel are mainly levied for bar and tool steel, generally not for sheet metal (with the exception of Acerinox (E) and Aperam (F)), hollow steel and seamless tubes.

The energy surcharges are charged very differently depending on the manufacturer and product. While Cogne (I) and Acerinox (E) include the energy surcharge in the alloy surcharges, DEW (D) and Ugitech (F) add it separately. Based on our calculation simulations, however, we are of the opinion that the last two manufacturers also include a share of the energy surcharge in the order of 160 - 190 €/t for DEW and 110 - 150 €/t for Ugitech in the alloy surcharges.
Thus, according to our calculations, the following total energy surcharges would result for e.g. hot rolled bars for March 2022:

DEW (D): approx. 170 €/t charged in the alloy surcharge + approx. 130 €/t separately, = approx. 300 €/t total.
Ugitech (F): approx. 120 €/t charged in the alloy surcharge + 147 €/t separately, = approx. 270 €/t total
Cogne (I): 260 €/t charged in the alloy surcharge
Acerinox (E): 197 €/t charged in alloy surcharge

DEW and Cogne differentiate the energy surcharge for the product groups, while Ugitech and Acerinox use a flat energy surcharge.

What is the outlook?
The energy sector is currently experiencing the highest volatility. The pressure on energy prices is likely to remain high due to the expansion of the sanctions against Russia, so that we do not expect a reduction in the energy surcharges for stainless steel for the time being.

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