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You will receive detailed and targeted alloy surcharge forecasts from almost all available rust, acid and heat-resistant stainless steels and tool steels in Europe and North America.

Updated daily - up to 2 months prior to publication.
Analysis of current raw materials and currency situation at the beginning of each month - up to 3 months prior to publication.

With unerring accuracy of 97% 4 weeks before publication of alloy surcharges.


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Your benefits from

The alloy surcharge is known to be very volatile and you would like to know its future value?


  • to optimize your purchase,
    For example, a saving of 30 € / t - 50 € / t per month would have been possible since 2009.  (Details see Case Study)
  • to improve your budget planning,
  • in order to have a sound knowledge base in negotiations,
  • to save your own research effort if necessary.


Our expertise in the area of raw materials analysis places you one solid step ahead of the competition.



That’s what our customers say:

"… We are impressed by the quality of the forecasts and in this way can not only indicate the direction of the trend to our customers, but can also direct our own procurement department accordingly and can optimize it. ... "

"… The long-term forecasts in particular give us a good indication of future trends. We find the compact representation restricted to significant aspects very good. The accuracy of the forecasts was always very good.

"The alloy surcharge forecast is an interesting control element for us in determining prices and also in monitoring stock levels. As a rule we can detect trends more easily and can better estimate the risks during procurement. …"
(Stefan Müller-Bernhardt, COO von Damstahl GmbH)

"… We use the forecasts when purchasing stainless steel, but the knowledge of trends in alloy surcharges provided is also of great use to our sales team and in our consultations with customers.
(Melanie Gewing , ESB Edelstahl Service Betrieb GmbH)


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Mathias Tolle (Owner)

Since 2009 on the market, has become the leading forecasting service for alloy surcharges for stainless steel in Europe. With meanwhile more than 2000 alloy surcharge forecasts for almost all rust, acid and heat-resistant stainless steels and also for tool steel. And we continue to adapt to the needs of our customers. Take this as my promise.



An overview of our services

Available Materials
The materials available from are, in principle, almost all materials published by the manufacturers (e.g., Outokumpu, Mannesmann Stainless Tubes, Aperam, Acerinox), e.g. the commonly used 1.4301, 1.4016, 1.4404 and 1.4571.
But also the rarely requested materials are in our portfolio.
You will find all of this in more detail on the lists that we have provided for you as PDF downloads under  Available Materials




The accuracy of our forecasts is the benchmark we use for measuring our success.
It starts with an in-depth analysis of the commodity markets. In combination with our expertise, we achieve alloy surcharge forecasts with an average accuracy of 97% four weeks before announcement, three weeks before even 98%.
A graphic presentation of our accuracy over the last two years and how we achieve it can be found under Accuracy.

Forecasting horizon


Short-term time horizon:

For hollow bars and seamless tubes: 2 months ahead of publication
For tool steel: 3 months ahead of publication

For all other groups: 1 month ahead of publication

Long-term time horizon:
Up to 3 months prior to publication you will receive monthly updates:

Three-month-analysis for alloy surcharges for all common materials.
Current information on raw materials and currencies
Alternative scenarios for alloy surcharges if starting situation is unclear.

For details see Forecasting horizon



Starting at € 10.50 per month, you can benefit from our professional forecasts.
Our pricing depends on the number of materials and your company size. price overview
In any case, you can test us for 6 weeks for free and without binding (Link 6-Week-Trial).



What is an Alloy Surcharge? – Definition and Calculation


How is the alloy surcharge defined? How is it calculated? Why does it exist and who determines the alloy surcharge? The answers can be found under Alloy Surcharge.


Case Study


Can you rely on our alloy surcharge forecasts?
We reviewed it and simulated a case study from the beginning of our forecasts in 2009. Our Case Study shows how you can save with our forecasts between 30 € / t - 50 € / t in average.




Any questions about the data service and the forecasts?
You will find the answers here:  FAQ
Or contact us: Contact




A number of well-known companies trust in our alloy surcharge prognoses. A selection of national as well as international companies that have rated us introduce themselves here.




24.10.2018 Forecasts of the alloy surcharges for tubes from Tubacex (Spain) are included in our service.
Following an indication from some customers, we have now also included the forecasts of the alloy surcharges for tubes from Tubacex (Spain) in our service. Tubacex manufactures hollow steel and seamless tubes, in special alloys such as high nickel alloys, too. We consider this a meaningful addition to our portfolio for you.

06.08.2018 Credit Card Payment possible with Mastercard, VISA and American Express.
As a further payment method, the payment by credit card has been added.

You can find a history under News.


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